What the heck are informational interviews

… and 7 tips to help you love them! Informational interviews are the conversations you have when you are networking with people working in an industry you are interested in. It is that opportunity to exchange information. You get to listen to interesting people – because you are an interesting person. You get to learn from […]

6 ‘must have’ employability traits

The Truth; finding your place in the world of work, if you have recently graduated, competing with thousands of other new grads, is a hard task. It possibly feels overwhelming. The Dare; focus on quickly learning these 6 ‘must have’ traits that employable people enjoy: Develop skills in something specific. It doesn’t mean you have to […]

What stops me from finding a (better) job?

Another new year begins with good intentions.  I know from first hand experience that regardless of the month of the year, cracking a new routine or breaking a well rehearsed pattern is a tricky job.  How hard does it need to be?  How many self-help articles and books do I need to read, again, before […]

Smart women who self – sabotage

I have the pleasure of working with impressive women (and men). Indulge me please because for the moment I just want to write about some of the women.  These are women who hold significant leadership positions in successful global companies. These women are accountable for multimillion dollar decisions; respected by their leadership team comprising usually […]