Now that you’ve almost graduated, it’s time to kick start your career!

Congratulations! You’ve done all the study, exams, assignments and completed your course – but what now? How do you land that first job and begin your career?

Some might think us bold and ambitious, but we EMPLOYABILITY aims to launch the career of every graduate in Australia.

And how do we propose to do this?

EMPLOYABILITY offers a simple to follow, affordable and confidence-building plan for job search success. Our online career coaching modules take all the mystery out of job hunting and provide a step-by-step approach to securing your first job.


We are doing this because we know we can help launch the career of every graduate in Australia. Our modules are reasonably priced so that anyone, no matter what their background, can be successful.


Using our extensive experience in career coaching, our 5 easy to follow modules will put you on the path to a meaningful career and give you lifelong tools to adapt to a continually evolving job marketplace.


Our modules and resources are all online so you can take each one at your own pace, refer back to them when needed and access them anywhere. You can learn on the go, at your own pace, across all devices, for as long as you choose.

Rita Holland - Employability


Rita’s reputation as a leading career coach has been established from over fifteen years’ and 4 000 hours of career and leadership coaching experience both in Australia and in the United Kingdom.  She has also collaborated with ‘transition to industry’ programs within a number of university faculties, and her experience spans a wide range of occupations and industries.


Rita understands the challenges young adults face when searching for a job and establishing a meaningful career. To support jobseekers overcome these challenges, Rita has created successful career coaching outcomes with a process that brings flexibility, clarity and integrity to common job search and career development problems.


In-person clients have benefited from Rita’s experience — and now EMPLOYABILITY subscribers can too. With her guidance, Rita’s clients benefit from her extensive career coaching experience, even during periods of uncertainties in the job market. They learn the necessary job search skills, gain useful knowledge about meaningful careers and experience successful outcomes as she makes the complicated process of looking for a job achievable by a broad range of individuals.


Rita consistently eases the challenges that many jobseekers face. Just as importantly, Rita progresses her clients beyond technical job search tools and techniques, towards a deeper understanding of what meaningful work really means and how purpose and meaning at work create a healthy well-being.

When she is not working Rita loves creating great food, learning from (and feeding) her two sons, and keeps working towards her fitness goals.



  • Master of Applied Science, Coaching Psychology, University of Sydney
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Adelaide



  • Member – University of Sydney Coaching & Mentoring Association
  • Member – International Coach Federation

 rita holland - icf



  • Occupational Interests Profile, Genesys Assessments
  • Career Partners International, Senior Consultant
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Hogan Personality Leadership Forecast Series, Multi-rater 360, EQ, Business Reasoning Inventory
  • Lominger 360 Leadership Architect
  • ACER assessments



Alex Feher, Ingrid Thompson, Padraig O’Sullivan, Mark Hodgson and Paul Slezak. Each of you play transformational roles in making my fuzzy vision (something about a career coaching product that could serve many) evolve into EMPLOYABILITY. You gave me clarity and resolve, hope and courage, and the confidence to flourish in spite of the discomfort of entrepreneurial risk. You generously offer support, wisdom, resources and encouragement, and I am grateful. Thank you for being valued companions on this long journey.


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